Catharine Parr Traill and Mount Ararat

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We thank Catharine Parr Traill for giving voice to this landscape, for providing inspiration and information, and for blazing a trail as a pioneer conservationist long before such a term was coined. A remarkable woman, naturalist and writer, Catharine overcame many hardships to create an enduring legacy for all Canadians.

We also thank Michael Peterman for his knowledge, generosity and encouragement. Michael has devoted a lifetime of study to Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie, and is the author of many scholarly articles and books on the sisters. His most recent book, written for a general readership, is the well-received visual biography titled Sisters in Two Worlds. 

We’re grateful to Norma Martin, Catherine Milne and Donna McGillis for their important research into and work on behalf of local history, especially for their very informative book,  Gore’s Landing and the Rice Lake Plains.

Thanks to Gore's Landing residents Dorothy Hochbaum and her sister Alice Johnson who’ve tended the garden at the Mount Ararat historical plaque for many years. Dorothy can be heard in the CBC Radio documentary, “Mrs. Traill's Garden,” in the Resources section of this site.
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